Lake Erie Fish Species

What is the most common fish in Lake Erie?

- The most common fish found in Lake Erie is the Walleye. The past decade has seen a population boom in Lake Erie Walleye, there are more Walleye in the lake now than ever before. Walleye are also the best tasting fish in Lake Erie as well. The summer months are best for Walleye fishing on Lake Erie.

What month is best for perch fishing Lake Erie?

-The best time of year to catch Yellow Perch on Lake Erie is from April through October. Anglers fishing at this time of year can expect to get into larger perch than in the colder months. That is because they have greater access to food sources as the water warms up.

What time of year are smallmouth bass best in Lake Erie?

-The best time to fish Lake Erie for Smallmouth Bass is in the spring starting in May. The cooler water at this point in the year keeps the Smallmouth bass in shallower waters. In the spring time the Smallmouth Bass in Lake Erie are getting ready to spawn, which means they will be feeding more heavily during this time period, which makes it a great time to fish for them.

A Mr Twister Charters Fishing Charter targets the top Lake Erie Fish species including American Yellow Perch (Also Called Lake Perch, Perch ), Smallmouth Bass (Also Called Black Bass, Bronzeback, Brownie, Gold Bass, Green Bass, Jumper), Walleye (Also Called Blue Pike, Dory, Glass Eye, Gray Pike, Marble Eye, Pike-Perch, Yellow Pike-Perch ). We primarily Fish the Lake Erie.